About Mother Bird


For the last 29+ years, I have had the privilege of being a mom.  What a joy and a treasure to love and raise a child.

Typical Sunday – 1997 or 1998

In 2010, when my second (and last) child left the nest and I nearly lost my mind!  As I began to reminisce about raising my boys, I found that I wished someone had told me things I have had to learn the hard way.  So if you are a mother of small children- ENJOY this time and cherish these moments.  For all too soon, they will be gone.  If your children are grown – it is never too late to love on them and be the mom they need.


Over the last eight years, I have found writing about my boys and memories that I have, has helped me process them not being in my life on a daily basis.  The one thing I was woefully unprepared for was not being needed in a mom role on a daily basis!  That takes some time getting used to.  I have also found me again, Kelita, the individual. I have more time to dig deeper in the word and in His presence, and let me tell you, nothing heals a heart like the presence of God. It is only in Him will you find your true identity and  purpose!  Life is not over, you are just entering into a new era.

I have found great comfort, wonderful insight and instruction for my life in being worshipful before the Lord.  In the words of a song that I love, “worship is my warfare, my praise is a weapon,” the Lord told me a couple of years ago that worship was my warfare…… I loved hearing that!  It released me from the notion that I had to be all serious and battle minded every second!  See, I love to worship and praise.  I have been singing in church since I was 2, and He is truly the answer for every situation, so worship comes natural to me!

How awesome that simply worshiping causes angels and God Himself to fight on my behalf!  WOW!  To worship, to decree and declare, and to move into greater intercession are all so important to me.  I may not be needed as a “mom” on a daily basis, but how much better will my boys’ lives be as I worship, decree/declare and intercede on their behalf on a daily basis!  I AM still needed daily!  I just had to shift roles.  This role not only allows me to still minister to the lives of my children (and future grandchildren) but to those around me.  Isn’t God good?!  My job is to be obedient, be a vessel He can use and to trust Him regardless and no matter what.

I hope you enjoy hearing about my boys as much as I enjoy writing about them. I hope I inspire you to pray more!  I hope something you read makes your load a little lighter.  If you have lost your identity, it is my hope that you will find YOU once again.  Let go of the apron strings and trust the foundation you put within them.  And if the foundation was a bit rocky….God’s got you covered there as well.  He is not in time…..He can go back and make the crooked places straight.  Spend time in His word and His presence and allow the work of His Spirit to help you navigate the days ahead.  I hope you will join me on this journey.

~ Kelita

aka – Mother Bird

4 thoughts on “About Mother Bird

  1. Mother Bird, as I read your blog about a child leaving the nest, it reminded me how God must feel when one of His own leaves His nest.. to test the waters, to see what the world has to offer.. Nothing but feelings of regret later on.. but Praise God for His faithfulness, for His forgiveness, for His blood!
    I too went thru the same feelings of lost when my first child left the nest, then the second and then my last.. oh how I leaned on God for strength.. He did help me.. then came the Grandlils.. the cycle of Life..
    Blessings to You..
    love, mina


  2. Please pray for my son to be saved, filled, and sealed with The Holy Ghost unto the day of redemption.
    In The Name Of Christ Jesus,


  3. Dear sister in Christ,
    I need prayers and miracles for my daughter Deborah she left home at 17 years and haven’t finished her basic education and wants to enjoy life without God! We are pressed against the wall and we are desperate for her return as she displays lots of deceptions, being lost and wayward and running around in circles and displays stubbornness, rebellion and disobedience to her parents. We love her! We want God to touch her and carry her back home. We miss her!
    You see, our daughter Deborah grew knowing Jesus then suddenly she started not to go to school at 17 years old and hasn’t completed school yet took a gap year as she didn’t make it. She is a bright student suddenly she started dispising me..strange because we had a good relationship! She was also close to God! Her best friend not a Christian girl which is ok for me because I always believed Deborah knows Jesus and loves Him. This girl has influenced my daughter Deborah not to go to school and Deborah totally trust and believes in her for everything! In the meanwhile her best friend is still in school while Deborah is out of the school!
    On 15/01/2019, my daughter suddenly decided to leave our home in Switzerland and return to her past in the UK the place where I brought her back from because she was partying with her cousins. In the UK I thought I’ll start her off with A Levels as she desired to do that! I decided to give her her desires and even went against my husband’s wishes! (I’ve repented of it and asked for forgiveness). After what I saw of her conduct in the UK, in repentance I came back and brought Deborah back to Switzerland! While beim in the UK, she was partying with her cousins, and I brought her back home!
    On that date 15/1/2019, this year, she secretly made plans to go return to her past by going back to the UK, and decided to spend her time in the UK as an Aupair living in a host family! I told her not to return to her past! She needs to finish her studies and she’s my only child!
    Now we haven’t seen her for some time and we are praying she’ll come back home to finish her studies which starts in August 2019.
    I want to prayer for the impossible that she returns home and want to stay in Switzerland so that she can finish her studies and for our family to be restored and be together again! The enemy cannot succeed! God reigns! Please help me, I’m desperate ! I’m praying and believing and waging war in the name of Jesus! I need help please join with us. The battle is intensified these days!
    I know i must pray for the impossible to happen for the return of my daughter Deborah and for her not to return back to her past in the UK in Jesus Name! God must shut all opportunities and stop all evil influences coming from her friends and cousins!
    Thank you for prayers and thank you 🙏 🙏


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