Be the mom. Be the dad. Balance your life. Let me talk to you today about something I wish I would have done differently…..

When my boys were growing up, we did very little outside the church or church activities. Doing this caused them to crave outside activities and regret or resent not doing more as kids. Now, it wasn’t all church, but mostly. My boys played baseball and basketball at the YMCA and did band and things like that, but I am talking more FAMILY time that was just FAMILY.

My point is, if you are raising your children to know truth, taking them to church, teaching them at home as well, it is important to have some family time that is simply FUN. This is one thing I would go back and change if I could – in a heart beat! I would have done MORE family time in our home.

We have lots of traditions and nostalgic things and great memories. Don’t get me wrong. But, just as we had set times to go to church, I would schedule set times for the family. One night a week – and each family member would have had the chance to choose the activity and even food. It doesn’t have to be expensive – it can be as simple as monopoly and homemade pizza. The main thing is – DO SOMETHING TOGETHER THAT IS FUN AND ENTAILS LAUGHTER! It might be going to the park, ice skating, cooking or just board games, but anything together is the key. (And I highly suggest NO electronic devices!)

For those of you with grown children who are out of your home and not walking on the path with the Lord as you raised them to… yourself a favor and get the book “Joyful Parent = Happy Home”. This book changed my life. Sometimes, we get so worried about what our kids are doing wrong, that we forget, we are not God! Listen, our Father has no grand kids…….our kids are His. He loves them more than we do. He will correct! Especially if your children are not living with you, it is important to allow the Holy Spirit to do the work. The problem is, most parents don’t trust God enough with their kids, so they try to be God and man is there a clash!

When you raise your children in church and they don’t stick to that path once they leave, it can break your heart. I get it. But you always telling them what they are doing wrong isn’t going to help them. It just reinforces in their minds why they should get out of all that “bondage”. The Bible says its the goodness of God that leads men to repentance. Now, I am not talking about allowing disrespect to you or to the Lord around you, and I am definitely NOT condoning sin. But, your kids know where you stand. So, STAND. Be the example, stand on the word, be at peace and trust God for the turnaround. Love your children. After all, when they do come back to God, they want to feel free to run to you, not dread it because they know they will get a lecture.

Love your children, trust the Lord, stand on His word and be at peace. It’s not easy, but it IS possible, and will be so worth it!

Until next time –

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