Curiosity kills more than the cat…..

We’ve all heard the saying “Curiosity killed the cat.” And sad, but true, a cat will check out everything in it’s path, regardless of the danger.

This got me to thinking…..curiosity not only killed the cat, but it can also lure people into addictions, behaviors, and evils never intended for us.

How many people today, are addicted to cigarettes because of curiosity?  And even drugs.  I have heard that there are some narcotics so powerful, that you become addicted after first use, or worse, dead. 

I think of the lure and entrapment of pornography in our society.  How many times does an “ad” pop-up on a computer, and a person – out of curiosity – check it out, only to find themselves swallowed up into images and acts that will be hard to erase from their minds.

That is why, as parents, it is so important to guard your children’s viewing of TV shows and sadly, cartoons and movies.  Yet, it is just as important to explain WHY you are doing so.  Rules without relationship bring rebellion.  It is no longer enough to give the answer ‘Because I said so.”  We must as parents, educate our children on what happens with the seduction of sin.  When they see someone smoking and think it is cool, take them to a hospital where breath is a luxury, show them a nicotine filled lung, etc.  Find ways to share the dangers of drugs and what it does to the human body, and the purity of sexual encounters between a husband and wife.

Of course, we must always keep it age appropriate, but I will warn you.  Sin does not know boundaries and will try to steal your children’s innocence sooner rather than later.  Many parents avoid strong subjects thinking their children are too young, when all along, the world’s system and vile perpetrators have already educated them to the dark side.

I remember one summer when I was working with three fourteen year olds in a summer program.  How my heart broke as I heard them talk about sex and their boyfriends and girlfriends.  When the opening came,. I shared with them an analogy that I had told my boys a few years earlier.

The subject of sex had come up at home, because it had come up on the school bus or commercial or something.  (I always made it a point to answer their questions to their satisfaction – not giving them more or less, unless it was necessary) It was close to Christmas time and there were gifts under the tree.  I said to one of my boys – would you open a gift that was addressed to your brother? 

He replied “no.” 

I said “Why not?”

He said “Because it is not mine.”

I said “That’s right”  Then I went onto explain it this way.  “We are gifts from God and our bodies are created to be a gift to our husband or wife one day.  By young people having sex so young, they are spoiling the gift they have for their future spouse, so that when they get married their wife (husband) will get a hand me down.  I said everytime they do this, they are opening up someone else’s gift, that they are not entitled to. ” And they understood that perfectly. 

Curiosity in that case, killed the innocence and price tag of the gift of virginity. 

While curiousity can be marvelous and a great learning tool, as parents, we need to always realize that the enemy will use curiosity too, and to teach and warn our children about the dangers of being curious about the wrong things. 

If the Bible says it is wrong, then it is nothing we need to experiment with, entertain ourselves by or tip toe around.  Curiosity may kill the cat, but it doesn’t have to kill us. 

Oh, the teens I was working with??? One of the boys came to me later in the week and THANKED ME for that analogy and said that he wished his mom would talk to him like that.  He went on to tell me that when he has kids, he was going to tell them that story. 

Our children are crying out for attention.  If we do not give it to them, someone, or someone will.  If we do not talk to them about things that all humans will, at one time or another, become curious about, there are plenty of people who have crossed boundaries and are all too happy to take more with them. 

Take the time to talk to your children.  Pray for their protection and keep a relationship to where they will be able to ask you about all subjects and not be embarrassed.  Life is normal.  Let communciation be normal as well!


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  1. I woke up at 4:50 am because I heard the words Mommie! just like my sons call me, my older son is grown lives away from home out of state. I thought my younger son was in the room so I answered audibly. he didn’t sleep in my room that night. When i went to check on the little ones and they were ok, I decided to pray for the older one and when i thought of praying for him that “the angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear him”, of course the negative came up saying ” but he doesn’t fear God look at what he does, Immediately the thought came to mind that the seed of the righteous …. and I forgot the rest :) when I googled it I came across your site with all of the information I needed to claim God’s promises over my children and my family, Thanks for your obedience to write what God has inspired, You have truly been a blessing to my family today. I needed that bible text to have a promise to hold on to, especially since I haven’t been unable to get in touch with my older son at for weeks now. This was truly a blessing!


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